Anda Amed Resort

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Anda Amed Resort is situated in the north east of Bali facing out across the sea towards Lombok. The Amed area is often referred to as the “REAL” Bali. We are only a two hour drive from the hustle and bustle of Kuta and Denpasar but the difference is remarkable. Time is not measured in hours and weeks here but by the setting and rising of the sun and the appearance of the full moon. By the gentle sea breezes of the dry season and the monsoonal downpours of the wet season. Here life continues onwards as it always has done – with a calmness and tranquility that leaves the mind and body soothed and peaceful.

Amed is a 10 kilometer stretch of secluded bays and sleepy fishing hamlets with a background of magnificently rugged hills and mountains. The seas are blue and filled with an abundance of fish winding their way through the coral reefs that line the entire coastline. If you enjoy nature and are looking for a laid back, relaxing holiday then Amed is the place for you.

Anda Amed Resort is nestled into the hillside. The contemporary style accommodation offers spectacular views out to sea.


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Anda Amed Resort
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Anda Amed Resort
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Anda Amed Resort
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Anda Amed Resort

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    Anda Amed Resort